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Why MonkeyKingRC?


Welcome to MonkeyKingRC! The MonkeyKing is a very famous hero from the Chinese mythic novel “Journey to the West” published in the 16th century. So my company's name is "MonkeyKingRC".

 How to buy


For B2C, retail service:

 No B2C service yet, thank you. 


For B2B, wholesale service:


The price online just a retail price for reference for wholesale customers, there is item number for each item, please let us know which item and how many you want, then we will quote you. We have no price list for all items yet, because we offer OEM and ODM service, it's really hard for us to make a list, hope you can understand. 

The payment must be done via bank or PayPal. If any question just email us by michael@monkeykingrc.com  or contact us by Facebook, we will reply you in 24hours, (we have much time difference, hope you can understand, thank you.)


If you would like to wholesale from us, please complete and return the following information to michael@monkeykingrc.com


Once received, we will review. If further information is needed or available, you will be contacted directly via email.



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Contact email:

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Skype or Facebook or Wechat:

Target market of your current business:

which products of us you interested most and how much you can sell every month:



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Michael from MonkeyKingRC.com

-- Fly or drive, MonkeyKingrc always be with you--